Ein Teil von mir


: Semino Rossi
: CD
: Sony Music
: 20.10.2017
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SEMINO ROSSI - "Ein Teil von mir" (Geschenk-Edition) + ALBUM-CD + 6 Bonus tracks + DVD (including TV-Special "Ein Teil von mir")

He is back – more vibrant and stronger than ever before: Semino Rossi, probably the most successful male Schlager star in the past 15 years, presents his new album “Ein Teil von mir” (“A Part of Me”). Released June 23, 2017 it has already spawned a veritable radio hit: The first single “Wir sind im Herzen jung” (“We’re Young at Heart”) remained at No.1 of MusicTrace’s official radio chart “conservative pop” for several weeks in April. Also the album entered the album charts on #4 in Germany, #2 in Switzerland and on an incredible #1 in Austria – what a storybook launch for the new collaboration of the Argentinian superstar and Germany’s long-standing Schlager label Ariola (Sony Music). “I’m totally surprised by the success and very happy”, brims the heart throb, who, with the autobiographic single, has given himself a wonderful gift for his 55th birthday.

“Ein Teil von mir”: The motto represents music, home and family. These are the three most important elements in Semino Rossi’s life. A song on the album that combines all three of them is “Zuhaus ist da, wo man dich liebt” (“Home is Where You’re Loved”). A beautiful musical statement concerning values, roots and life’s journey.

Accordingly, the motivation to make a really great new Semino Rossi album was huge for all involved. In chosing Thorsten Brötzmann (Helene Fischer, Howard Carpendale among others) as producer, Semino struck it lucky: His songs have never sounded more vibrant and modern – yet without losing the grand true emotion that he and his unique voice are known for.

Titel Ein Teil von mir
Semino Rossi
Geschenk-Edition [CD]
Sony Music